Rotary Cutter Blades Titanium 5-pack 45mm – Replacement

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The strongest blades on the market.
Last longer than ordinary steel rotary cutter blades, and are sharper because of the titanium coating - to give you clean slices through many different materials like paper or fabric without any snags!
Five 5x Blades come in one pack, so that'll last a while for your projects, big or small.

The multi-layer cutting technique can be utilised by using these tungsten steel bladed tools when slicing various types of material including leather.
  • Lasts LONGER than steel rotary cutter blades
  • ULTRA SHARP TITANIUM coated SKS-7 tungsten steel blades. 
  • FIVE 5x Blades in one pack.
  • MULTI-LAYER CUTTING – Can be utilised to slice: Paper, cutting fabric, Cloth, Paper, Card, Leather, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Arts & Craft goodies.
  • Fits many brands of Rotary cutters handles - such as Driffy, Fiskars, Olfa and Truecut to name a few.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked. We stand by our products. If you’re feeling that our product isn’t as much as same old, please go back for a whole refund. “Driffy” is a Trademark TM go with a registered brand. Driffy is a UK company, so you understand there’s a hassle-free service.

BENEFITS of our Titanium Rotary Cutter Blades

Our blades are produced from high-strength Titanium-coated steel, designed to last months on end.

How sharp is the blade?

The blade is very sharp, it can even cut paper. Very light pressure is needed to make a clean slice.
May we recommend our Superb Fabric Cutter Blades for your next crafting project?

A cutting mat is a worthwhile purchase to invest in because it can prolong the life and utility of your blade.

A metal ruler would also come in handy if you're looking for straight lines, so this may just be enough motivation alone!

A professional could never do their job well without these key tools - we recommend purchasing them right away before there's no time left!


Please search our company profile to find it. A must have-to-have in your Quilting Accessories and craft supplies cupboard.

Due to our very big hit, the DRIFFY HANDLE and Titanium blade pack, now we have made up our minds to service our present (and long run) customers with the spare rotary blade pack.

With the recent success of our DRIFFY HANDLE and Titanium blade pack, we've made some changes that will benefit current (and future) customers. Starting now you can get spare rotary blades delivered to your door!

What you get:
5x Titanium Rotary Cutter blades.

Further info


There are many different brands of rotary cutters available with many different features.

A Rotary Cutter Blade is used in a rotary Cutter handle to cut fabric very smoothly without any hassle.

The Fabric Cutting Blades are made with the help of high-quality raw materials that make them more durable and corrosion-resistant.

Over time, you will need to change your blade due to normal wear and tear.

So buy the best quality rotary Cutting Blades at a wholesale price from Driffy at a great deal for less!

While rotary blades are intended for material, you can also use them to cut circles in a variety of materials including paper and fabric, and of course general quilting.

Fabric Cutting Blades come mainly in three different styles: Standard, Curved and Pinking.

Standard rotary cutters have a non-slip handle that provides a comfortable grip while making an even cut.

The Sharpest Fabric Cutting Blade is designed with sharp edges so it can easily glide through your fabric for clean crisp cuts every time.

The other two types of blades are Curved Blades and Pinking.

Rotary Blade Curved has an innovative design to cut smooth rotary shapes in fabric quickly and easily with a rotary cutter.

The blade rotates on a curve to make thick or thin cuts without having to adjust your fabric underneath the blade. The Curved blade is also great for crafting, scrapbooking, paper crafts, dressmaking and quilting.

The Pinking Blade is used to give cloth edges a decorative zigzag look.

These are also known as Scallop Blades.

There are rotary handles that are made with an adjustable knob on the back of the cutter to alter the depth of cut.

Some rotary blades have a built-in ruler on them too and quilters often come with a variety of other tools and gadgets designed specifically for quilting.

A rotary cutter can be used for fabric, paper or any material that is thin enough to fit through the rotary blade opening. A rotary cutter should not be used on anything too thick like foam or corkboard as this may cause damage to your rotary blade.

Uses of a rotary cutter

A rotary cutter is a rotary cutting tool made to incise long straight lines in sheet material, without the need for a ruler, scissors or rotary blade. They are most often used in rotary cutting blades art and quilting.

Some rotary cutters have a rotary blade that can be removed with a rip or hinge action, rotary cutting blades

When using a rotary cutter with a rotary handle the user must follow safety precautions to avoid injury, for instance by inserting the rotary blade with excessive force or rotating it at high speed.


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Rotary Cutter Blades Titanium 5-pack 45mm – Replacement
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