Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm - 10-PACK - Replacement.

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Cut with precision 

Experience the precision of our Japanese Steel SKS-7 Ultra Sharp Blades.

Multi-layer cutting with ease

Perfect for cutting various materials, including Paper, Fabric, Cloth, Card, Leather, Quilting, Scrapbooking, and Arts & Craft projects.

Fits most Rotary cutters

COMPATIBLE with a wide range of rotary cutter handles, including brands like Driffy, Fiskars, Olfa, Truecut, Clover, and Dafa.


Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If you feel our product doesn't meet your expectations, simply return it for a full refund. Driffy is a registered trademark and UK-based company, providing you with hassle-free service.


Constructed with durable Japanese Steel (SKS-7), these blades are designed to last for an extended period.

Our blades are EXTREMELY SHARP, requiring minimal pressure to cut through various materials such as Paper, Fabric, Cloth, Card, Leather, Quilting fabric, Scrapbooking, and other arts and craft supplies. These blades make excellent Fabric Cutter Blades.
To prolong blade life, we recommend using a cutting mat and a metal ruler for straight lines.


Our blades work exceptionally well with the DRIFFY ROTARY CUTTER HANDLE. Search our company profile to find it. These blades fit seamlessly with 45mm Olfa and Fiskars rotary cutter blades. We also offer Quilting accessories and craft supplies.
In response to the success of our DRIFFY HANDLE and Titanium blade pack, we now offer a spare blade pack to better serve our current and future customers. We are committed to providing excellent service to all our customers.

Package Contents

10x Japanese Steel SKS-7 Rotary Cutter Blades

What Are Rotary Cutter Blades for Quilting?

Rotary cutter blades for quilting are specialized, circular cutting tools designed to be used with a rotary cutter handle. These sharp blades are essential for quilters, as they enable precise, efficient cutting of fabric pieces for quilt blocks and patterns. In this section, we'll explore the purpose and features of rotary cutter blades for quilting.

Function and Importance in Quilting

Rotary cutter blades serve a crucial role in the quilting process, as they allow for accurate, clean cuts through multiple layers of fabric. These clean edges are vital for precise piecing and assembly of quilt blocks, ensuring that the finished quilt looks professional and well-crafted.

Common Sizes and Applications

Quilting rotary cutter blades come in various sizes, with the most popular being 45mm and 60mm. The choice of blade size depends on the specific requirements of the quilting project and personal preferences. The 45mm blades are versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, while the 60mm blades are ideal for cutting through multiple layers of thick or heavy fabric, making them perfect for large-scale quilting projects.

Essential Quilting Tools

When used in conjunction with a self-healing cutting mat and a quilting ruler, rotary cutter blades enable precise measurements and cuts, ensuring that quilt blocks and pieces align correctly. This precision is critical for creating a professional-looking finished quilt.

Maintaining Sharpness and Performance

Proper maintenance of rotary cutter blades for quilting is crucial to ensure their longevity and optimal cutting performance. This includes regular cleaning, storage, and sharpening of the blades, as well as a timely replacement when they become dull. Dull blades can result in uneven cuts, frayed edges, or difficulty cutting through multiple layers of fabric, which can impact the overall quality of the quilt.

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Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm - 10-PACK - Replacement.
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