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Vinsani Tri-Finger Fidget Hand Spinner Ultra Fast Bearing Finger Gadget Toy – Red

Stressed or just want to kill time, this cool Tri - Fidget Finger Hand Spinner is a perfect gadget for you. Great for fidgety hands, help ADD & ADHD sufferers Relieve Stress and Anxiety. Easy to carry, simple design, small and discrete, Very effective for focusing and deep thought.

IREENUO Crystal Led Light Fidget Spinner Toy Hand Tri Spinner Single Finger Fast Bearings Anxiety Relief EDC Toys for Children and Adults (Crystal-White)

1.New Style with LED Lights: multi-colored LED lights with switch. 2.It spins very smoothly and pretty quiet. Made High Speed 2 Minutes.(This depends on the power you use to spin) 3.Ultra Durable Strong Plastic frame construction with rounded edges, Not Easy to Break When Falling Off!